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Auxility NV

Microsoft support company for End-Users, Server and Cloud environments. Focus on delivering an End-User Experience in a 24/7 time-frame. We are a 1-stop-shop from purchasing HW/SW to architectural designs, support and projects. We can support all types of environments and technologies.

Lansweeper Services

We offer Lansweeper as our CMDB / CI gathering tool. This is the only way to keep our CMDB up to date with the latest information. Lansweeper is also used as a license compliance solution. Of course, we use Lansweeper in our troubleshooting process and it can upgrade our quality of service because we can proactively solve issues before the customer is aware of them. Besides that we also start using it in a security aspect (patching, updates, security issues, etc.)
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Auxility NV Headquarters

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  • Edegem
  • Belgium