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AlxTel, Inc.

The general purpose of AlxTel is to develop and promote advanced information technologies for multi-user operation. We’re at the heart of digital transformation – providing solutions and technology that help our customers create new experiences, and we bring a wealth of expertise to the table as we have been transforming our business for years. We bring the world to your fingertips now times has changed. The days of finding a niche market and catering only to it are over. You always have to be looking into new markets and opportunities and forming new ones. Actively look for change – take advantage of it and be a part of it. Our company specializes in telecommunication solutions to many countries all over the world, including underdeveloped and hard to reach countries. So if you’re looking for excellent quality and best performance at a great price, AlxTel is the way to go!

Lansweeper Services

We provide License , maintenance and technical support
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AlxTel, Inc. Headquarters

  • 8403 Colesville Road
  • Silver Spring
  • 20910
  • United States