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Incentea – Tecn. de Gestao SA.

We are a company operating in the business technology sector.
We are also dedicated to Communication and Information technologies.

Our aim is to be recognized as one of the best Portuguese SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) working in the management technologies sector and therefore contribute to society.

We want to add value to our clients’ business, fulfilling the expectations of our employees, partners and shareholders as well as our social responsibility.
To deliver a quality service, assuring our clients of the optimization of their investments. We want our employees to accomplish professional rewarding and personal fulfilling.

To obtain results able to grant our corporate sustainability and satisfying rewards to our shareholders.

To compromise ourselves with our clients, suppliers and business partners by working together in innovating projects, that can originate global solutions and technologies, and to strengthen our long term relationships.

To have an active role in our society’s development, paying attention to environment and social issues.

Our culture is based upon a well defined range of values, in which we emphasize:

Costumer orientation;
Change orientation;

We live according to ethics and civism, innovating and pursuing excellence.
We develop, implement and support management solutions and platforms.
We employ more than 343 certified and graduated employees, with experience in our solutions.

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Incentea – Tecn. de Gestao SA. Headquarters

  • Rua das Oliveiras, 51A
  • Leiria
  • 2415-905
  • Portugal