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Plataforma Group SPA

Plataforma Group is a Chilean technology company that since 2005 provides services to its customers through products developed by us, as well as representations of some third-party products.
We have a team of approximately 20 people, whose focus is to provide the best service to our customers, understanding that when we receive the purchase order is not the end of the business, but the beginning of a relationship that we hope will continue over time, we are not our customers’ suppliers, we are their technological partners.
Our main products are our online auction platform and our judicial collection tracking platform, both products used by the most important players in the national market.
We also have a consultancy area where we provide solutions in the scope of ITIL and ITSM, for which we have representations of products that support us in this task.

Lansweeper Services

We are offering Lansweeper as a discovery solution and as a support tool for ITSM consulting and ITIL projects
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Plataforma Group SPA Headquarters

  • Monjitas 527 Oficina 1316
  • Santiago
  • 8320070
  • Chile