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Strategic Generation

Strategic Generation is a full-service cyber-security consultancy specializing in change and release management. Utilizing the Lean and Agile methodologies, Strategic Generation collaborates with a client’s entire team—from developers, project managers, business analysts, quality assurance, operations and stakeholders—to optimize the IT value stream and convert business needs into capabilities and services that provide real value for end users.
Clients benefit from the firm’s signature holistic approach to application development, the “Software Story” which thwarts potential threats and vulnerabilities before they make it into production by integrating personnel, application, data, and infrastructure security into the software life cycle.

Lansweeper Services

We conduct software risk assessments and use Lansweeper as discovery solution in the initial stage of our 4-step process.
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Strategic Generation Headquarters

  • 57 West 57th Street
  • New York
  • 10019
  • United States