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Roxville Technology Inc.

Roxville Technology Inc. is a Canadian IT consulting firm that specializes in IT Strategy and Cybersecurity. We work with Customers to develop and implement a roadmap for leveraging technology, implementing our 5 step approach to Cybersecurity, and achieving business goals.

Lansweeper Services

The fundamental starting point for both IT Strategy and IT Security is to identify all of the IT assets (network, devices, users, applications, data and policies) being used by your company. We work with customers to implement Lansweeper and confirm that we’ve identified all computing resources, the software running on them, patch levels, cloud-based applications, active directory entries, users and much more. Using Lansweeper we can find all the information about your network in one place and perform a comprehensive analysis.
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Roxville Technology Inc. Headquarters

  • 789 Don Mills Road, Suite 401
  • M3C 1T5
  • Canada