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Google Chrome Released Update for Actively Exploited Zero-Day

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By Esben Dochy
Google Chrome Vulnerability

⚡ TL;DR | Go Straight to the Google Chrome Vulnerability Report

Google has released a stable channel update for Google Chrome which fixes 1 specific vulnerability reported by Vojtěšek, Milánek, and Przemek Gmerek of Avast on 2022-10-25.

Google has released a stable channel update for 107.0.5304.87 for Mac and Linux and 107.0.5304.87/.88 for Windows which will roll out over the coming days and weeks. Any older Google chrome versions are at risk of being affected by these vulnerabilities. Users are advised to apply the stable channel update as soon as possible.


According to Google’s own blog “Google is aware of reports that an exploit for CVE-2022-3723 exists in the wild.” At the moment, Google has only provided information that the issue is a type confusion in V8, nothing more. This is likely due to the fact that is being actively exploited.

Discover Vulnerable Devices

Based on the information shared by Google, we have created a special Lansweeper report that will provide a list of all Google Chrome installs in your environment that could still be affected by the vulnerabilities mentioned. This way you have an actionable list of installs that still need to be updated.

Chrome 107 Vulnerability report

CVE CodeDescriptionSeverity
CVE-2022-3723Type Confusion in V8High

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