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Discover devices vulnerable to the Meltdown CPU flaw

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By Lansweeper
meltdown blog


Shortly after returning from the holidays, IT professionals were confronted with a severe memory-isolation flaw in processors called Meltdown. Meltdown exploits critical vulnerabilities in processors and can be used to unravel some of the most critical security mechanisms used in operating system software. While programs are usually not permitted to read data from other applications, Meltdown can be exploited to get hold of data stored in the memory of other running programs.

Last week, Microsoft released an emergency Windows patch for an array of Windows versions, based on which we created a preliminary report. In the past couple of days, Microsoft followed up with monthly rollups to mitigate the flaw for the remaining operating systems. We have added the latest updates to our report, so Lansweeper can tell you in no time which Windows OS machines are vulnerable to Meltdown and need to be patched.

Instructions can be found in the video below and in this forum post. If any additional information arises, we’ll update the report accordingly in the same forum post.

Consult the complete report via this link


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