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73 Vulnerabilities Disclosed in Intel June 2021 Platform Update

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By Esben Dochy
Intel Vulnerability

Intel released its June 2021 platform update which contains fixes for 73 vulnerabilities detected in their utility tools, BIOS versions, and CPU microcodes. In total 29 advisories were published on June 8th to cover all of the vulnerabilities disclosed.

⚡ TL;DR | Go Straight to the Intel June 2021 Platform Update Vulnerabilities Audit.

CVE-2020-24489 – Intel VT-d Products

One of the highest-scoring vulnerabilities with a CVSS Base Score of 8.8 is a vulnerability in the Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/0 (VT-d) products. This can lead to local escalation of privilege on machines affected which is, unfortunately, quite the list. You can find it in the Intel-sa-00442 advisory.

In addition to this vulnerability, 3 more advisories were released covering fixes for a wide range of Intel processors (listed as sa-00463, sa-00464, and sa-00465). These include a BIOS firmware vulnerability which can lead to escalation of privilege or denial of service, Improper isolation of shared resources of processors and a domain-bypass transient execution vulnerability in Atom processors.

Since most modern CPUs and some older ones fall under one of these vulnerabilities, it is best you check if your vendors have updates available. To get an overview of which processors are in your environment, you can simply use our processor information report.

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Intel Software Utilities Vulnerabilities

Aside from the security fixes for processors, multiple software utilities also received fixes. This includes the VTune Profiler, Processor Diagnostic Tool, Driver and Support Assistant, Unite Client, Optane DC Persistent Memory, SSD Data Center Tool and more.

To check if you’re running any of the software utilities, you can use the specialized color-coded report we created. Any computer with software or components in one of the 10 advisories covered will be included in the report for you to check.

Intel Vulnerability CVE Codes Overview

Intel Vulnerability CVE CodesCVE Code Description 
CVE-2021-0086 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0104 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0106 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0100 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0074 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0052 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0133 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0132 Denial of Service
CVE-2021-0131 Information Disclosure
CVE-2021-0134 Denial of Service
CVE-2020-26555 Spoof the BD_ADDR
CVE-2020-26558 man-in-the-middle attack
CVE-2021-0077 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0129 Information Disclosure
CVE-2020-26558 man-in-the-middle attack
CVE-2021-0086 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0089 Information Disclosure
CVE-2021-0067 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0054 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0094 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0073 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0090 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0056 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0057 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0058 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0112 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0098 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0108 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0102 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0055 out of bounds read
CVE-2021-0051 Denial of Service
CVE-2021-0001 Information Disclosure
CVE-2020-24474 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-24473 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-24475 Denial of Service
CVE-2021-0101 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0070 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2021-0113 Denial of Service
CVE-2021-0097 Denial of Service
CVE-2021-0105 Denial of Service
CVE-2020-24513 Information Disclosure
CVE-2020-24511 Information Disclosure
CVE-2020-24512 Information Disclosure
CVE-2020-12357 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-8670 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-8700 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-12359 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-12358 Denial of Service
CVE-2021-0095 Denial of Service
CVE-2020-12360 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-24486 Denial of Service
CVE-2020-24515 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-24514 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-24509 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-8704 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-24507 Information Disclosure
CVE-2020-24516 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-8703 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-24506 Information Disclosure
CVE-2020-8702 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-24489 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-24485 Escalation of Privilege
CVE-2020-12293 Denial of Service
CVE-2020-12294 Denial of Service
CVE-2020-12295 Denial of Service
CVE-2020-12296 Denial of Service
CVE-2020-12291 Denial of Service
CVE-2020-12292 Denial of Service
CVE-2020-12290 Denial of Service
CVE-2020-12288 Denial of Service
CVE-2020-12289   Denial of Service


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