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ITAM Insights

IT Leaders: Take Back Control of Your Technology Assets and the IT Estate

4 min. read
By Nils Macharis

IT is the heartbeat of your business, and as an IT leader, the business depends on you to deliver a high-performing, reliable, and efficient IT infrastructure. When business units have the hardware and software resources they need to scale and operate efficiently, the business thrives. 

Unfortunately, one-third of organizations aren’t aware of the devices, software, and other technology assets they have, where they’re located, or who is using them. To complicate matters, trends such as digital transformation and the hybrid workplace mean your IT infrastructure is rapidly and continually expanding and encompasses a wide variety of hardware and software assets – on and off-premises and in the cloud. So, while you may think you have control of your infrastructure and all of the technology assets that comprise it, it is likely an illusion.

No Insights Makes Good Decisions Impossible

It’s simple: there’s no way to optimize or protect technology assets you don’t know exist – and there’s no way to really understand or optimize the technology your organization uses. You may be receiving reports from various departments and stakeholders that operate in silos, which makes it difficult to correlate and analyze the data holistically. 

Insights across departments are critical for informing high-level technology resource allocation decisions across domains – and the larger your company is, the more difficult this becomes. Worse yet, your team is likely saddled with time-consuming, error-prone manual processes, and they spend most of their time putting out fires rather than finding ways to add value. 

This top-down approach is not only limiting, it’s dangerous. Aggregating technology asset information from multiple silos and data sources creates gaps in visibility and can leave your infrastructure vulnerable to security breaches, downtime, compliance issues, and costly inefficiencies. What if you flipped the entire model on its head and embraced a bottom-up strategy, where a single system of record for your entire IT estate could inform any decision or use case, and provide actionable insights to every stakeholder in minutes? 

Enter Technology Asset Intelligence – the process of deriving actionable intelligence from the data generated by every physical, virtual and software asset an organization owns.

A Single Source of Truth and Insights

While IT asset management has become an essential practice for IT organizations across industries and is a core tenet of multiple IT governance frameworks, only recently have organizations begun to practice ITAM 2.0 – a bottom-up approach that involves leveraging a comprehensive, unified set of IT asset data for a full range of use cases, from cybersecurity to cloud migration, helpdesk, compliance and more. Technology Asset Intelligence builds on this concept by enabling every stakeholder requiring insight into a company’s technology assets to leverage a single source of truth for informed decision-making about technology – decisions that align with the overarching corporate strategy.

The reality is, that technology in the modern enterprise isn’t just laptops and software – it’s also IoT devices, operational technology, virtual machines, containerized applications, and cloud assets – all of which must be monitored, secured, managed, and optimized. This requires not only complete visibility across all technology assets in your organization but data-driven insights that enable you to safeguard your business and adapt quickly to meet evolving business demands. Technology Asset Intelligence enables a powerful data foundation from which these objectives can be met.

As the undisputed leader in Technology Asset Intelligence, Lansweeper provides market-leading agent-based and agentless scanning along with credential-free device recognition technology, to help organizations understand and optimize all of their technology assets, on-premises and in the cloud – no huge investments, no expensive contracts with faceless global vendors. 

Grab your free copy of our white paper today, to learn how your organizations can leverage our platform to gain actionable insights and make informed, data-driven decisions about any IT use case or scenario.

ITAM: The Foundation for Efficient IT Management

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