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This webpage is intended to give you a quick and comprehensible overview of our privacy practices: how and why Lansweeper collects and uses personal data.

For the specifics on these scenarios and for more information on the topics addressed below, please refer to our full privacy policy. This notice is provided for your convenience only.

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We collect information when you:

  • Visit our website
  • Make a purchase (whether for your own company, or for your employer)
  • Interact with us directly (such as contacting us via e-mail, call, social media, chatbot, text, …); or indirectly (such as via our distributors and affiliates)
  • Sign up for our newsletter, or participate in a contest
  • Apply for a job at Lansweeper


In these situations, Lansweeper is a data controller.
This means that we decide – sometimes jointly with a partner service – on how and what we collect your personal data for.

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Lansweeper as a Data Processor

Lansweeper can also act as a data processor:

For personal data generated through the use of our products and services, our customer is the controller: they decide on how and why this data is collected and used. Lansweeper will act as a processor in such instances, because we are acting on behalf of our customer. If you have questions on the personal data that you generate through a customers’ use of our products and services, we suggest that you involve your account administrator.

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The information we collect

Depending on your relationship with Lansweeper, we collect different types of personal data. In broad terms, such a data type can be:

  • Identification and contact data
  • Social data and habits;
  • Social network data;
  • Professional data;
  • Financial and economic data;
  • Connection data;
  • ID-data issued by the government;

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or if you wish to exercise your privacy rights, please contact us.