What's New

Centralize & unify all IT Asset data faster than ever.

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Scan Windows performance counters for CPU, memory, disk and network metrics.

Gather detailed information about your cloud environments.


Lansweeper scans your network faster and finds additional Exchange and SQL server info.

Scan detailed information like hardware and application data from your mobile Intune devices.

Gather detailed Office 365 user information from your Office 365 users and mailboxes.

Retrieve information from any UPNP Plug & Play device in your network.

Discover Cloud-Based Assets

Lansweeper can now scan assets hosted on the Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS cloud platform that are hard to reach with conventional scanning methods. Gather detailed information from your cloud assets with minimal effort and centralize all of your automatically retrieved data in one single application.

Track PC Performance

With Performance Counter Scanning, Lansweeper can scan the amount of resources used by specified machines. Having a good overview of the performance of all the assets in your network is crucial to avoid hardware bottlenecks and to maintain a good user experience to keep productivity of your company at it's highest.

Lansweeper Deepscan Engine

With every new release we continue to add to the range of scanning protocols it uses to scan your network.

The Lansweeper Deepscan engine is also further optimized to consume less CPU resources and now features an updated scanning algorithm, so it can scan more assets & faster than before.

Scan Your Mobile Intune Devices

Lansweeper hooks directly into Microsoft Intune’s API to give you immediate visibility into your mobile environment in no time. Regardless of the operating system: both Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices are supported.

Scan Your Office 365 Environment

Lansweeper now unifies your AD user information with Office 365 information to expand on its centralized overview of all your user data. gather general info about the user, the organisation the user belongs to, the domains that the user is in, relevant mailbox information, groups that the user is in, licenses and assigned plans the user has and more.

Plug & Play Device Scanning

IT has never been more volatile with devices popping up everywhere at any time. Probably the worst of them are Plug and Play devices. The fact that no admin is required to set them up, can make your Network quickly spin out of control. Luckily, Lansweeper now scans all types of Plug and Play devices in your network.

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Centralizing & unifying all IT Asset data faster than ever. That's what the Lansweeper '19 Spring Release is all about.
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Most frequent questions and answers

You can request a quote by clicking the “Add To Cart” button. On the next page, you’ll have the option to request an official price quote.

If you have more than 5000 assets, you can request a price quote through this form.

On your local networks, any device scanned by Lansweeper is considered an asset. This can be a Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows computer, VMware server or any other network device (printer, switch, firewall, etc.). Monitors are NOT counted towards the asset limit.

In your cloud environments, any resource scanned by Lansweeper is considered an asset. This can be a virtual machine, resource group, VPC, etc.

Any assets you create manually also counts towards your asset limit.

When installing Lansweeper for the first time, a full 20-day trial key is included if you provide us with your business email address. If you would like to extend the trial period, please contact our customer service team via [email protected]. They’ll be happy to assist.

You can purchase a license using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Wire transfer, Check/Money order and various other payment methods.

If your subscription is active, the billing contact will receive an automated email with renewal instructions 14 days prior to your license’s expiration date. At that time you can choose to renew or cancel your license. If you renew your subscription you will receive a new license key which you can apply to your Lansweeper installation.

You can find more detailed information about renewals here.

All new features are included in all asset-limited licensing plans. All other licenses (the so-called classic licenses) will not be able to make use of these new features.
If you own a classic license and are interested in trying out the new features, please contact our sales team. Our team will be happy to help you out

Updates are installed over your existing installation and leave your existing data and settings intact.

Reinstalling is not required in order to update. We always advise you to make a back-up of your installation before updating. More instructions can be found here.