Cloud Migration Discovery & Assessment

A Critical First Step to Achieving Cloud Migration Success

Complete Visibility

Automated & Agentless assessment of your current IT infrastructure.


Save valuable time and expense over manual assessments.

Actionable Insights

Gather actionable insights to inform your cloud migration strategy.

The Fundamental Starting Point of your Cloud Migration Journey

Digital transformation through cloud adoption is top-of-mind for every business, regardless of industry, shape, and size. Moving assets from physical or hybrid hosting servers to a cloud service poses specific strategic and technical challenges for a businessThe most challenging component of a Cloud migration assessment project? The discovery & assessment of your current IT infrastructure.

Lansweeper is an IT Discovery & Inventory Platform that provides the data and insights needed to plan migrations and continuously optimize, monitor, and analyze IT environments with assurance. Discover what you have, how, and when it's being used by whom with our cloud solution.

Understand Your IT Infrastructure

Leveraging Lansweeper's fundamental core – our Agentless Discovery – to build an accurate inventory of existing IT infrastructure is key to assess an enterprise's cloud readiness. Understand what infrastructure and applications you have, where they reside, and how it's being used with the help of our cloud service.

Providing a technical analysis of virtual machines, physical servers, applications, databases, and workstations, this crucial assessment is the cornerstone of building a solid cloud strategy and business case. We also provide you the Performance Counters for the selected machines covering Memory & CPU usage per disk & per network component, no need to install an agent at all.

"In our experience, we've found that there is one factor that overwhelmingly determines migration success or failure: the process of discovery and assessment."

Tom Nikl – Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Migration at Google

Facilitating A Seamless Migration Through Integration

All the vital infrastructure discovered by Lansweeper provides a thorough understanding of your IT environment and its readiness for cloud migration. Take the next step with our Cloud Migration Integration partners – using Lansweeper data to determine which workloads can move seamlessly to the cloud and estimate the overall cost of running your VMs in the Cloud.

"Organizations that take the time to do a complete, thorough analysis of their existing IT landscape are almost always better suited to succeed at their migration."

Tom Nikl – Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Migration at Google

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration Journey with Lansweeper

Starting your cloud migration strategy without an accurate IT Inventory is a shot in the dark.