SNMP Network Discovery & SNMP Inventory Management

Lansweeper Network Inventory & Asset Management Lansweeper SNMP scanning will allow you to retrieve detailed information on network devices such as Printers, Switches, Routers and more.
  • Fast SNMP discovery
  • Unlimited clients
  • Scalable to thousands of assets

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Scan and view SNMP device information

Scan SNMP enabled network devices by entering IP ranges to be scanned. Each device has its own webpage listing device details such as name, MAC, IP address, vendor, model and serial number. Device specific information is scanned as well in the form of a complete network interface for switches and routers or toner information for printers.
MAC addresses are used to uniquely identify your devices. When IP address changes occur, your device entries are simply updated. Pesky duplicates can't clutter your database!
Switch network interface

Access device overviews

The SNMP inventory overview, which lists assets by type, will enable you to easily find the devices you are looking for. You can custom sort devices by IP range or perform multi-criteria searches for specific devices.
SNMP device overview

Track printer toner statuses

SNMP scanning retrieves toner information on your printers, which is an extremely valuable feature in busy office environments. Built-in reports are available to notify you of printers low on toner which in turn enables you to pro-actively order new cartridges and schedule maintenances.
Printer toner level information

Make manual changes

While most of the information is scanned automatically, manually editing and adding entries is possible as well. Edit a single asset or change the information for multiple at a time. You can surf to any device's webpage to edit its scan results or submit additional device information such as purchase and warranty date. Up to 20 custom fields can additionally be defined to hold information specific to your organization.
Add and edit device information manually

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