Software Inventory

Software Inventory & Auditing

Lansweeper automatically retrieves software information for all your network PCs. In addition, it allows you to uninstall unauthorized software and keep tabs on any changes that occur.
  • Agent free scanning.
  • Unlimited clients.
  • Advanced Software scanning and inventory.
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Find software installed in your network

Software inventory information for all network computers is automatically scanned and displayed on computer webpages, including version number and publisher. Software packages unknown to you can be researched using the Google search button. Rescanning takes place on a regular basis to ensure that you are viewing relevant and accurate software details at all times.

Access detailed reports

A number of built-in reports and report examples are available so you can assess software installations in your network as a whole.
Want to find the most frequently installed software in your network? Or list all software packages from a specific publisher? Such reports are quick and easy through the Lansweeper report builder.

Authorize software packages

To ensure system resources are not being wasted on unneeded software, you can authorize software packages as they are scanned. Current unauthorized installations can be removed using the Remote Uninstall tool and you will be notified of any new installations that are detected over time.

Uninstall software

Included in all Lansweeper licenses is access to the premium tools, one of which is Remote Uninstall. The Remote Uninstall tool is linked on all computer webpages and can be used to remove unauthorized programs from your machines.

Track software changes

The Lansweeper database retains a history for a number of computer details, including software inventory. Through the various history pages available in the web console you can track any software installations or uninstallations that took place.

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Installation takes less than 5 minutes.
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