Take a Deep Dive into Lansweeper

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  • How to set up Lansweeper for Automated Network Discovery
  • See all the types of devices retrieved
  • Take an in-depth look at the scanned asset data
  • How to use reports to gather specific data from your network
  • Configure the Lansweeper Dashboards
  • Take a look at the Report Builder and how to import new reportsĀ 
  • How to set up e-mail alerts
  • Create Custom Actions & Deployment Packages
  • How to add location maps
  • An introduction to the Helpdesk

Overview of Lansweeper’s role in the cyber security landscape. Learn to use the power of reporting to get a security audit of your entire IT. Monitoring your network with email & and setting up event log alerts and dashboards.

Take a deep dive into the Lansweeper Helpdesk. Learn how to configure the Helpdesk and discover the advantages of an integrated IT Helpdesk within Lansweeper’s IT Asset Management Software.

  • Chrome OS Scanning
  • SCCM Integration
  • VMware Airwatch Integration
  • Linux Performance Scanning
  • Improved AD Scanning & more
  • Performance Counter Scanning
  • AWS & Azure Cloud Scanning
  • Intune Mobile Device Scanning
  • Office 365 Scanning
  • Exchange Server Scanning
  • How to set up LsAgent
  • VMware vCenter Scanning
  • Citrix Scanning
  • Custom OID Scanning
  • New Dashboards & Reports

Track, manage and optimize all the software across your IT estate, with no gaps – giving you complete control by combining License Dashboard and Lansweeper for complete IT Asset Management.

Having both Network Traffic Analytics and IT Asset Management Software is critical for cybersecurity. In this webinar, we will discuss finding malicious activity on the network and tracing it back to a specific device.