Windows Server End of Life

Windows Server 20H2 Support Ending

August 9, 2022, marks the end of support of the last of the modern lifecycle policy Windows Server version. These versions offer a much shorter supported period since they are more closely aligned with the Windows 10 versioning.

Microsoft is ending support for the last Semi-annual release of Windows Server. These server versions were an attempt to mirror the Windows 10 versioning, with a new release twice per year. These versions received support for 18 months following their release.

VersionStart DateEnd Date
Version 20H220-Oct-2009-Aug-22
Version 200427-May-2014-Dec-21
Version 190912-Nov-1911-May-21
Version 190321-May-1908-Dec-20
Version 180902-Oct-1810-Nov-20
Version 180330-Apr-1812-Nov-19
Version 170917-Oct-1709-Apr-19

The main Windows server releases get support for 10 years, with most of them having options to extend it another 4 years after that if you purchase the extended security update option. To get a full overview of when the Windows Server versions you have in your IT environment, you can run our overview audit that will show you when the EOL date is and how many days are remaining so you can plan your migrations in advance.

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