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  Lansweeper server requirements:
Windows 2003 or higher, Windows XP or higher (Windows server recommended)
Dotnet framework 4.0 or higher.
SQL server 2000 or higher or SQL Express (free) or SQL Compact (free)

Lansweeper client requirements:
Windows 2000 or higher.
Windows home clients are only supported with Lspush scanning.

Network device requirements:
Snmp version 1/2 or 3 enabled.

Linux/Mac client requirements:
SSH server enabled.
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Customer testimonials.
Lansweeper covers it all: information collection tool, software audit tool, customizable reporting, and excellent support tools with an excellent price.
Niwat L - IT Director Dwp Ltd.
I can not begin how happy I am with the lansweeper product. Its ability to agentlessly scan my network and consolidate the wide range of systems into a slick interface allows my staff to quickly work with the users to identify an issue and resolve within three mouse clicks.
Peter Bate - Sr. Sysadmin St. Vincent's Health Ltd.
Lansweeper is a great suite of tools for our school system. Our techs can get information about computers in the system and have access to several handy features while on site. Lansweeper's auditing is very efficient. Doesn't cause problems on my network or on the older computers. And the price is unbeatable.
Charles M. Allen - Information Technology Coordinator Washington County BOE

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