Manufacturing environment management

Manage your manufacturing environment by ensuring you have all the information. Regardless of the complexity or verity of your environment, with the agentless scanning methods you can discover it all.


Having a complete and accurate overview of your network environment brings additional challenges to manufacturing environments. Due to the great complexity and verity of network devices, simply scanning workstations and servers is not enough. Therefore, managing such a complex environment usually requires multiple tools and management systems to manage all the workstations, servers, network devices and programmable logic controllers. With Lansweeper you can get all the data you need in one place and you can manage and control your network environment more efficiently.


Scan All the Information in Your Network

Discover all types of devices in your environment with Lansweeper's agentless scanning method. Gather detailed information from Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows computers. Additionally, get an overview of your virtual environments by scanning your vCenter and Citrix servers. Find and inventorize all your network devices like printers, switches, routers, firewalls, PLCs and much more. Scan your remote or hard to reach assets by using LsAgent and scan your local users and active directory users to view who is using which assets in your network.

Control Your Scans

Tailor your scanning setup to your needs. Configure different scan and rescan intervals for normal and critical infrastructure to ensure that you have up-to-date information about your critical network infrastructure.

Retrieve the Information You Need

Use Custom OID scanning to manage any SNMP enabled device with the greatest details. Scan your network devices or PLCs for information like temperature, storage, configuration and more. Custom OID scanning gives you the control to scan exactly the information that you need.  As long as the device has the information, you can scan it. Lansweeper provides the tools to scan your entire network with the greatest detail, regardless of the complexity of your network.

Manage Assets and Users

Map out your network by linking your assets to other assets or users by defining the user/asset relations. Link owners to their assets or link a backup device to its asset.

Group your assets based on conditions you specify or manually group certain assets together. Additionally, you can group assets based on their IP. To create an easier overview, Lansweeper will automatically categorize your assets by domain, OU, model and OS for an easier overview.

Locate your assets easily by uploading a blueprints of your sites and placing the assets on their physical location. Finding assets for maintenance, replacement or simply to access them locally has never been easier.

Trigger actions on assets and users straight from the web console to perform administrative tasks like viewing the Event viewer, performing a ping, resetting a user's password and more.

Manage your warranties with Lansweeper automatic warranty check. Ensure your assets never run out of warranty by using the built-in reports to get an overview of all warranties in your environment. Get an overview of all assets with soon to expire warranty.

Manage software on other setting on your assets with the Lansweeper deployment module. Create deployment packages to install, remove or update software, perform command line commands and deploy scripts.

Analyze, Report and Get Alerts

Use the built-in reports to get a clear overview of all the information you've gathered. Additionally, you can create your own custom reports to get a personalized overview of specific data relevant for you. All reports can be used on Lansweeper's IT dashboard to give an instant overview of the most critical information. The dashboards are completely customizable and for you to configure them the way you want to.

Create alerts to keep an eye on critical network infrastructure. Use built-in and custom reports to create alerts that notify you of critical data or to get daily or weekly overview reports in your inbox.

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