Count of Tickets Created per Year and Month

Discover the Number of Helpdesk Tickets Created

Report on the number of tickets that were created in a given month. Keeping track of the number of tickets that are created in the helpdesk is an important metric when it comes to forecasting and for estimating the amount of work. The report gives an overview of the amount of created tickets per year and month. Over time this data can be valuable to show why more staff is needed or why the average initial response time is increasing.

Count of Tickets Created per Year and Month Query

Select Top 1000000 DatePart(yyyy, As Year,
  DatePart(mm, As Month,
  Count(htblticket.ticketid) As TicketsCreated
From htblticket
Where htblticket.spam <> 'True'
Group By DatePart(yyyy,,
Order By Year Desc,
  Month Desc

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