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The previous 6.0.100 releases included several security related changes that may impact how you use Lansweeper. These changes include the change in scanning server listen protocol from HTTP to HTTPS, which will cause LsClient and old (pre 6.0.100) versions of the LsPush scanning agent to no longer function.

You can use your existing Lansweeper license to set up a separate installation for testing purposes. If you prefer to update your production environment instead, please back up your installation first.

Lansweeper changelog
Changed: #528475 Attempting to delete the scanserver that handles warranty scanning now shows a warning.
Changed: #531182 A history entry is now also added when CC users are added to an existing ticket via email.
Changed: #565986 Changed the provided hostname under Configuration\General Helpdesk Settings to the FQDN of the webserver when available. Fixed a cosmetic issue regarding Knowledgebase article links in tickets.
Changed: #455248 Mails will now be sent from the same email account it was sent to, using the same email alias (if linked to the email account). Tickets created on the website will still use the default email account.
Changed: #527252 The 'WindowsLS' image in the packageshare folder has been changed.
Fixed: #572700 Change the error message that will be shown when the name of the template is too long
Fixed: #581142 Closing the 'Lansweeper CompactToServer - SelectServer' window with the closing button in the right upper corner is now doing the same actions as using the "Cancel" button
Fixed: #532386 Deployment using UPN scanning credentials fails.
Fixed: #588571 Deployments get stuck performing preliminary checks if a faulty package share path is submitted under Deployment\Security Options
Fixed: #620820 Deployments logs were not updating correctly after using the 'retry deployment' option.
Fixed: #585442 Double database insert when an AD user his email was already present in htblusers
Fixed: #614987 Due to a bug in the helpdesk filters, users are not able to delete 'User' filters once the filter has been applied and the page refreshed.
Fixed: #565736 Editing an existing username could result in the "There is no row at position 0" error.
Fixed: #530923 Helpdesk getting slow when saving user changes
Fixed: #537368 If a scan is scheduled just before midnight, the system stops adding assets to the scanning queue at midnight.
Fixed: #528693 Image not added to a ticket note when the link between the attachment and the image in the text is broken.
Fixed: #614849 In the latest version of the Chrome browser (v64.0.3282.186(64-bits)) a tooltip error would occur when copy/pasting HTML into a ticket note
Fixed: #580319 It is possible to submit the same folder as Inbox, Archive and Ignored for a help desk email account, a setup that creates an email loop
Fixed: #572411 Lansweeper was throwing an exception when the user entered a very long description to an asset
Fixed: #532574 Ordering subscribers alphabetically on a ticket page.
Fixed: #566296 problem in case there is a space in the API request for adding ticket subscribers
Fixed: #564179 Repeatedly editing an e-mail template containing images sometimes makes the images disappear from the template.
Fixed: #585809 Scanning a VMWare Server with unreadable guest(s) no longer generates an 'object reference not set' error in the errorlog (with debug option).
Fixed: #530966 Scanning an AD User again after entering an e-mail address at log-in removes the e-mail again, it is not automatically locked for scanning.
Fixed: #526416 Security selectbox should not be shown when adding an email account and selecting default EWS configuration.
Fixed: #563264 Show a clear error message when the user enters a description that contains to many characters
Fixed: #531342 The 'Clear All' button for notifications generates an error in the logfile if used when no notifications are present.
Fixed: #583353 The 'Last added knowledgebase articles' report in the Helpdesk Report widget wasn't showing the newest knowledgebase articles and was only showing 10 knowledgebase articles instead of showing the defined number of knowledgebase articles
Fixed: #528086 There was an issue with the behavior of the 'Select all/Deselect all' button on the Email template page.
Fixed: #530498 Translation issue with notification overdue date solved
Fixed: #609200 Translations of an error message contained codes instead of special characters
Fixed: #477329 Using the web console after the Session token is expired, results in various jQuery errors in the web errorlog.
Fixed: #526942 Validation fix for ticket date & datetime custom fields. Internal rework of cached datetime of logged in users.
Fixed: #561870 When a user alters the description of a helpdesk ticket the ticket notification is not cleared.
Fixed: #541566 When adding an invalid MAC address to an asset, a wrong error message is displayed.
Fixed: #562899 When creating a deployment step whose command is too long to store in the Lansweeper database, no clear error is given that the step cannot be saved
Fixed: #528975 When deleting a custom field, there were visible html tags in the confimation box
Fixed: #540261 When entering an already existing MAC address, the error message now links to the asset with the MAC address.
Fixed: #527979 When generating a print preview for a ticket, files attached to the ticket's initial note are not listed