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The previous 6.0.100 releases included several security related changes that may impact how you use Lansweeper. These changes include the change in scanning server listen protocol from HTTP to HTTPS, which will cause LsClient and old (pre 6.0.100) versions of the LsPush scanning agent to no longer function.

You can use your existing Lansweeper license to set up a separate installation for testing purposes. If you prefer to update your production environment instead, please back up your installation first.

Lansweeper changelog
Added: #554028 Added new chassis types and chassis names to the database
Changed: #553160 Added an option to enable or disable fallback scanning under Configuration\Server options
Changed: #522399 Added paging functionality to Scanning\Scanning Credentials to make the load time of this page smaller in case of many Scanning Credentials
Changed: #507297 Adjusted the SQL script that creates the Lansweeper database to fix several possible issues with incorrect file locations.
Changed: #519761 Deleting a ticket filter also deletes the filter from the filter bar and if you choose a filter that's already opened in a tab, Lansweeper will jump to that specific filter tab
Changed: #546184 New option implemented to enable or disable the fallback scanning
Changed: #552408 Password boxes no longer trigger a browser warning when using HTTP instead of HTTPS
Changed: #517343 The inital time that will be used in a custom datetime field is the current time instead of 00:00
Changed: #523655 The reports are refreshed every time they are accessed instead of using the 'Refresh report totals every X minutes' value in the Advanced Report settings
Changed: #558532 The scan server was overwritten once LSPush scanned a computer with attached monitor(s)
Fixed: #527955 After a webservice restart, event reminders disappeared from the event panel/view
Fixed: #585868 Attachments linked to internal notes visible to users without access to internal notes
Fixed: #522186 Due an encoding issue, the console could freeze when searching for a description containing a space in Scanning Targets
Fixed: #513601 Due to a rendering problem, the scan servers weren't displayed in the menu
Fixed: #564387 Dutch translation issue in helpdesk ticket history
Fixed: #523343 Each file extension that can be saved in a helpdesk ticket can also be saved in a KB now
Fixed: #581437 Encoding issue when using a special character in a search
Fixed: #521619 Event start date and end date are being displayed incorrectly on several pages
Fixed: #520181 For SQL compact installations, an error occurs when the HTML code of a note, containing inline images, is copy/pasted
Fixed: #560326 If a windows computer is replaced with another windows computer with the same name the MAC address is not updated after a new scan
Fixed: #522738 If there is a auto assignment defined in Configuration\General Settings the auto assign happened but by the system user instead of the user who created the ticket
Fixed: #527991 IP Range scanning target option has no default "Ping Time-out"
Fixed: #520222 It's wasn't possible to scroll down till the end of the "Change By Type" list under the "Deploy Package" button
Fixed: #573059 Non-agents were able to see events linked to a ticket, even if they had no permission to see these events
Fixed: #594609 Several unhandled errors in the MailTester tool are now patched
Fixed: #520957 The 'Service requires shared folder for attachments' info box popup in Configuration\General Settings was showing an incorrect folder path
Fixed: #520951 The error message when deleting a relation type that was still in use by one or more assets was empty
Fixed: #575138 The ticket print preview was showing the Ticket Creation Date instead of the Event Date for an existing Event
Fixed: #520947 There is a typo in the import tickets template for the helpdesk
Fixed: #520214 There wasn't a clear error message when inserting a comment to an asset that was too long
Fixed: #578695 Unable to get previews for your search results when using an underscore in your search terms, while using SQL Compact
Fixed: #604263 View only subscribed agent was able to add internal note
Fixed: #583116 Webserver Error when opening the Configuration/Helpdesk Settings/General Settings page on Windows 10 installations with non-English language packs installed
Fixed: #520145 When changing the default port when adding an e-mail account with standard configuration the dialog no longer shows a warning pop-up when cancelling the dialog
Fixed: #578343 When scanning a linux/macintosh asset with the "no ssh" option enabled in the ip range, the asset showed an incorrect ssh error message while the retrieved snmp info was correct
Fixed: #583705 When scanning an asset in another subnet using SNMPv3, lansweeper could not succesfully scan the asset. Adjustements were made in order for this connection to succeed
Fixed: #536199 When trying to remove an asset state from the asset state list while the state is still attached to an asset, you will receive an empty error