Meet Sweepy, Lansweeper’s Curious and Helpful Mascot


What's that you hear rustling around in the weeds of your IT asset data? Is it a bug? A pesky virus? An outdated device? No! It's Sweepy, Lansweeper's curious and helpful mascot!

Sweepy is a hedgehog - and so much more. Long-time Lansweeper customers will recall Sweepy's prior incarnation, but he's undergone some serious transformations and has emerged more inquisitive, insightful, and adaptable than ever! 

Sweepy evolution

Sweepy is always curious and helpful, and he knows everything there is to know about our market-leading technology asset intelligence platform. Plus, he can sniff out an IT hero like nobody's business (that's you!). 

Don't let his humble attitude and docile appearance fool you - Sweepy is one smart hedgehog! He's ready to assist you as you navigate the Lansweeper platform and learn about all it has to offer. You can talk to Sweepy, ask him questions and ping him on our social channels. Plus, he's sort of a celebrity around here, so we've got lots of swag coming up featuring his furry little face. 

We've reimagined Sweepy to embody Lansweeper's brand identity and help our teams, customers and wider audience get to know us a little better. Let us know what you think of our cute but brave little mascot!

And, next time you see Sweepy, give him a virtual high-five for all he has become!

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