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Lansweeper Concierge, by Cheops

Optimize your Lansweeper implementation with our white-glove, managed service.

Introducing Lansweeper Concierge

Lansweeper Concierge is a white-glove managed service delivered by Cheops, a Lansweeper Strategic Partner and leading provider of IT & Business Technology Services. The service is designed to meet the needs of Enterprise customers interested in deploying Lansweeper’s groundbreaking technology asset intelligence platform. Working together in a collaborative engagement, Lansweeper and Cheops ensure that you benefit from a robust implementation of Lansweeper, along with premium support from our Customer Success experts.

Key Benefits

White-glove Managed Service

As part of the Lansweeper Concierge service offering, Lansweeper and Cheops will leverage mutual best practices to design and architect a custom solution built to meet your organization's specific needs. Lansweeper's Customer Success team will work side-by-side with Cheops to deliver guidance and support throughout the entire process - from project preparation to requirements gathering and installation. Once implementation is complete, Lansweeper will continue to provide ongoing support to ensure you derive maximum value from the Lansweeper platform over time.

Implementation Process

Seamless Impementation & Ongoing Support


Cheops will work with you to define your objectives, desired outcomes and establish key measurements for success. This involves discussions with key stakeholders, as we collect information about your organization, so we can begin project planning.


Cheops will define the architectural requirements, dependencies and options, and create the initial design. Once the design is validated, they'll work closely with you to agree upon the final architecture.


Cheops will provision the Lansweeper software and license key, install and configure the SQL database, and install the Lansweeper platform. Cheops can also install and configure additional scanning servers and LsAgents. They will also configure scanning and set up Lansweeper Cloud.


During the Adoption phase, the Lansweeper Customer Success Team will work together with your team to provide you with comprehensive documentation and training on specific roles and use cases. We'll also measure success on an ongoing basis.

Greenyard, a global supplier of fresh, frozen and prepared fruit and vegetables based in Belgium,  needed a solution for creating and maintaining a complete technology asset inventory of all IT, IoT and OT across 55 physical locations located around the world. They enlisted the help of Lansweeper Strategic Partner and leading provider of IT & Business Technology Services, Cheops, to implement Lansweeper on-site across all 13 locations, enabling complete and accurate technology asset data to be collected and captured in a central database on Azure Cloud. Read the full case study.

Cheops provided guided installation at all 13 sites along with supporting documentation and training, to help local IT teams get up to speed on the using Lansweeper platform. Greenyard now benefits from a global inventory and unified view of all technology assets across the organization, which they can use to optimize costs and performance, improve security and allocate technology resources effectively to meet the evolving needs of the business. In the future, Greenyard will integrate Lansweeper with other business-critical systems such as ServiceNow and leverage Lansweeper data for internal reporting. Read the full case study.

Service Levels

Flexible Purchasing Options with Cheops

Depending on your needs, there are two options for purchasing Lansweeper Concierge from Cheops: Premium and Premium Extended.

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