Helpdesk Agent Access & Roles with Teams

Find Your Agent's Permissions, Roles and Teams

Get an overview of all your helpdesk agents, their access, role, team and whether they are using an agent license. Get an overview of all helpdesk agents within your Lansweeper installation and see which roles they currently have and if they are using an agent license. This overview allows you to manage your agent licenses and roles more efficiently.

Helpdesk Agent Access & Roles with Teams Query

Select Top 1000000 htblteams.teamname As Team, As Agent,
  htblusers.userdomain, As Email,,
  tsysLanguages.EnglishName As Language,
  tsysRoles.Name As Role,
    When 1 Then 'Yes'
    Else 'No'
  End As IsLicensed
From htblusers
  Left Join tsysRoles On htblusers.Roleid = tsysRoles.RoleID
  Inner Join htblagents On htblusers.userid = htblagents.userid
  Inner Join tsysLanguages On tsysLanguages.LanguageId = htblusers.language
  Left Join htblagentteam On htblagents.agentid = htblagentteam.agentid
  Left Join htblteams On htblteams.teamid = htblagentteam.teamid
Where <> 'System'
Order By Team,

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