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Stay in control of all your hard-to-reach assets.
Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

for Windows


for Linux


for Mac


LsAgent is a small, lightweight application that you can install on your Windows, Mac & Linux devices. It gathers the asset data locally and then sends it back to your Lansweeper installation, either by using a direct push or through Lansweeper's cloud-hosted relay service.

LsAgent for Windows - SHA256: 6aadecd7fed3ed8819be05af25ec1a649dfce01449e3b0db2ae5c2112427214f

LsAgent for Linux - SHA256: e6d164663a30a34022b78337943f9c264c3a19f1586c881394fd8aa889bb7b46

LsAgent for Mac - SHA256: 64fd31c7bf9dff7f53f0737345af52a58ab197d13aaf66108bb31f225c19be55