How To Develop an IT Security Strategy Based on Actual Insights

It's a jungle out there, and vulnerability threats abound in the digital age. However, the investments you make in cybersecurity are only as functional as the visibility that you and your team have over your company's IT assets. The moment a single device on your network becomes vulnerable, the entire network is compromised. This isn't a risk you can afford. Find more details in our free white paper.

Rely on a Comprehensive - and Current - Overview

Never assume that your active directory is up to date. It's important to rely on continuous scans of your network to keep track of every single device - even if it only touches your network occasionally or operates behind a heavy firewall. Your company probably has a steady flow of incoming new devices and outgoing obsolete old devices. Failing to take these into account results in outdated network topology maps, efficiency losses and perhaps even security vulnerabilities.

Keep Users from Undermining Your Efforts

Local administrative privileges - and their misuse - are the source of most unauthorized network access. Users with unlimited local admin rights can wreak havoc on your network by undoing the hard strategic work of your IT team and ignoring security measures.

Unprotected web browsing and unauthorized installs leave the door wide open for network health and compliance risks. It's vital to the well-being of your infrastructure to implement a process to discover and manage local admins to minimize disruptions and risks and maximize Windows security.

Ensure the Safety of Business-Critical Information

Malware, ransomware, unauthorized access... if you've got data, you've got a valuable resource. This is why it's crucial to respond rapidly to threats by maintaining an awareness of exactly which devices or assets are vulnerable, improperly protected, unencrypted, etc.

Lansweeper doesn't just give your team detailed information about the local administrators on your network. Use it to find devices that aren't properly encrypted and discover unauthorized software installs - even on devices that only access your network occasionally. Spot security vulnerabilities as they are discovered, and act to minimize them. Find out more by grabbing our free white paper.


5 Reasons Why centralized IT Asset Discovery is more crucial than ever.

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