RAIDIX is a software developing company specializing in storage solutions for data-intensive workloads. Technology innovations including proprietary RAID engine and unique algorithms of parallel calculations create core value of the company’s products that roots in deep mathematical research and scientific intelligence of in-house lab. RAIDIX software is distributed through partners worldwide as an operating part of hardware solutions.

RAIDIX provides software-defined storage solution tailored for needs of Media & Entertainment, Video Surveillance, HPC, Technical Computing and other data-rich industries. The company’s strategic competencies are built on patented erasure coding methods and innovative technology designed by the in-house research lab.


RAIDIX 4.X software is designed to deploy high-performance SAN and NAS storage systems. The software solution provides sustainable storage performance in degraded mode, accelerated speed at sequential multi-thread workloads and high level of data availability. RAIDIX 4.x software is compatible with a wide range of industry-standard hardware giving businesses an opportunity to adjust and customize the system easily according to customer needs.


RAIDIX ERA is a high-performance software RAID specially designed for flash drives and new types of storage interconnect. RAIDIX ERA technologies efficiently employ flash drive capabilities (NVMe, SAS, SATA) for building fast and fault-tolerant RAID. It is distributed as a local block device with a remote access function provided by the complementary software. The software RAID provides the highest read and write speed that is over 35 GBps and 4 500 000 IOps for one RAID 6 group.

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