Video Resources

Lansweeper Training Videos and Tutorials

Installing Lansweeper

Lansweeper Component Overview

Learn how the Scanning Service, Database and Web Console interact with each other.

Lansweeper Easy Installation

Short step-by-step tutorial on how to do an Easy Install of Lansweeper.

Lansweeper Advanced Installation​

Short step-by-step tutorial on how to do an Advanced Install of Lansweeper.

Training Videos & Tutorials

Software Inventory Management & License Compliance

Learn how to scan your network for installed software and how to use the License Compliance tool.

Scanned Switch Information & Automatic Switch Port Mapping

This video shows which data Lansweeper retrieves from switches and how you can use this to help you manage your network.

How to Find all Local & Unauthorized Admins on your Network

How to find all domain and local users with administrator rights on your network with Lansweeper.  

How to Find all Printers on Network

How to scan your network for printers & remotely get printer toner level and other information.

How to find MAC addresses on Network

How to list all MAC addresses on your network and find device names by MAC address with Lansweeper.

Windows Event Log Monitoring

How to remotely collect all event and error logs from windows computers on your network. 

How to Prepare for Windows 7 EOL

How to use Lansweeper to get a Windows 10 readiness assessment report from computers in your network.

How to do a Cyber Security Audit

A solid cyber security program requires reliable inventory and discovery as its foundation.

IP Scanner

How to scan all IP Addresses in your network rapidly & accurately to get a complete and up-to-date overview of all your assets.

SCCM Server Integration

How to scan SCCM Servers and cross-reference SCCM data with Lansweeper to find all assets in your network.

Chrome OS Inventory

How to find and manage all chromebooks and chrome OS devices on your network with Lansweeper. 

How to Monitor Performance

How to remotely monitor the resource usage of Windows & Linux computers with Lansweeper.

How To Scan

How to scan Windows Computers

How to find all Windows computers on your network with Lansweeper.

How to scan Mac Computers​

How to find all Apple computers on your network with Lansweeper.

How to scan Linux Computers

How to find all Linux computers on your network with Lansweeper.

How to scan Computers Users

Get a list of all active directory users, windows domain users and local users in your network.

How to Find all Network Devices

How to find all connected devices on your network such as printers, switches, firewalls,…

How To Scan Installed Software

Get a list of all installed software on Windows, Linux and Mac computers on your network

How to Scan VMware Hosts

Get a list of all virtual machines, their specs and their hosts in your network.

How To Remotely Scan Registry Values

How to scan the windows registry of computers on your Network with Lansweeper.

How To Scan Antivirus Software

How to remotely check all installed antivirus software on your network

How to Scan Hardware Warranty

How to perform an automated online hardware warranty check for assets with Lansweeper.

Feature Videos

Asset Radar Passive scanner

Instantly detect devices that connect to the network with Asset Radar. It’s a powerful, credential-free passive scanning mechanism.

MIB Browser | OID Library

With our MIB Browser you can remotely scan unlimited data on SNMP-enabled Network Devices using our OID Library.

Lansweeper for Cybersecurity

Protect against cyber security threats by having a constant up-to-date IT Inventory as your cybersecurity fundamental layer.

Performance Counter Scanner

Lansweeper can remotely monitor resource usage of CPU, Memory, Disk and Network Bandwidth of computers on your network.

Office 365 User Scanning

Get a list of office 365 users and sync with Active Directory information to centralise of all your user data.

Intune Mobile Device Scanning

Find all mobile devices connected to Intune to gather detailed information such as hardware specs, installed applications and more.

AWS & Azure Cloud Scanner

Lansweeper can remotely scan computers hosted on the Microsoft Azure & Amazon Web Services cloud platforms.

Plug and Play (UPnP) Scanner

Find all types of Plug and Play devices
(Game Consoles, Chromecasts,…) on your network with Lansweeper.

Custom OID SNMP Scanner

With Custom OID Scanning you can scan for very specific information on SNMP-enabled devices on your Network.

SQL Server Scanner

Find all SQL servers and instances on your network and retrieve info such as SQL Edition, license, version, cluster info and more.

Virtual Machine Scanner

Lansweeper gives you a complete overview of your VMware, vCenter and Citrix virtual environments.

Exchange Server Scanner

Lansweeper scans detailed information from Microsoft Exchange Server, like hostname, mailbox names, aliases and much more.


LsAgent is a small application that you can install on your Windows, Mac & Linux devices to keep track of those devices that aren’t always connected to your network.

Agentless Network Discovery

Lansweeper features an agentless network scanner which remotely scans all devices on your network to create a complete IT Network Inventory.