Installation Guide

Set up Lansweeper according to your needs

Which Lansweeper setup is right for you?

A Lansweeper installation consists of several components: database, web console, one or more scan servers. This article helps you select the correct database type, web server type and number of scan servers for your needs.

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Preparing your setup

Learn which setup is best suited to your needs and how Lansweeper components interact.
Grab the comprehensive pre-install checklist.

Performing your setup

Once you’ve prepped and chosen your setup, you can get started.
Install Lansweeper in no time at all!

Diving in

Access the web console and complete the First Run Wizard.
Your network assets will be waiting for you once the wizard’s complete.

What's next?

Your installation’s up and running and you have data at your fingertips. Excellent!
At this point, you may want to get some basic customization in place.

SSL Certificate

Implement your own SSL certificate into the web console for added security.

Give Access

Give more users in your network access to your installation so you can collaborate.

Configure Cleanup

Keep your database nice and tidy by configuring automatic cleanups.

Get Backups In Place

Be prepared for disaster scenarios by regularly backing up your installation.

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