Migrate to Lansweeper Starter & Discover Cloud

Lansweeper Cloud brings you everything you know and love about Lansweeper, plus a wide array of new features in an updated UI. Migrate to Lansweeper Starter today to take your IT inventory to new heights.

What can Lansweeper Starter do for you?

Multi-site Portal
Data Federation for aggregated reporting

Manage Multiple Instances in 1 Place

Lansweeper Cloud federates data from all local Lansweeper discovery instances into a single source of truth. Global organizations can connect multiple, geographically distributed office locations – no matter how far apart – and gain deep insights into the entire IT environment from a single site.

Security and Vulnerability Insights
Risk Insights

Identify Critical Vulnerabilities & Threats

Pro Feature

Leverage vulnerability information from the NIST catalog connected to your assets and benefit from vulnerability insights. Gain visibility of assets that have known vulnerabilities along with a severity indicator, and benefit from faster triage and incident response.

Lifecycle Insights
Lifecycle Insights

Track IT Assets Throughout the Lifecycle & Optimize Costs

Pro Feature

Find which of your hardware assets and Operating Systems will go end of life. Access lifecycle information to track the support status of products in your environment, allowing you to plan future purchases, replacements, upgrades, and assess security-related risks due to lifecycle status.

Lansweeper Reporting Lansweeper-IT-Reporting

Technology Data for All

Building reports has never been easier. Users can now create their own reports in minutes without having the need for in-depth database expertise. The revamped intuitive drag-and-drop report builder offers real-time results while building the report itself, making it much easier to understand what is going on. Sharing reports & dashboards throughout your team and organization has never been easier, truly unlocking your IT data.

OT Asset Management
OT Discovery

Complete Visbility for Operational Technology (OT)

Pro Feature

Lansweeper OT enables organizations to scan, detect and identify a wide range of OT devices from popular manufacturers leveraging native OT protocols. Maintain a complete and accurate OT Inventory with detailed data about each device. Avoid vulnerabilities and attacks by remediating outdated firmware versions, reducing downtime, and optimizing the cost and performance of your OT.

Diagrams 1366x768 1.png

Visualize Your IT Asset Data with Diagrams

The diagramming capabilities in Lansweeper enhance your experience of discovering and understanding the state of your inventory. Discover at a glance the relations between your assets with dynamically generated diagrams (network topologies, virtual environments) on top of your inventory.

Lansweeper Integrations

Fuel Any IT Scenario

Our integration framework and API open the gates to easy integrations and empowers Lansweeper users to support multiple IT scenarios with up-to-date, accurate IT Inventory data at all times and connect that data to external technologies and solutions. You can use Lansweeper’s API framework & standard integrations to auto-populate your CMDB and keep it up to date, to achieve Service Desk excellence, enrich incident alerts, and so on. No matter what the IT scenario, the data is there, it’s accurate, and it’s ready to use.

Software Normalization

Clean, Unified, Reliable Data

Automated normalization of software data transforms it into a standardized format to obtain clean and unified data. Streamline federated data such as software names, versions, vendors, models, firmware, and more.


Control Who Sees What

Gain precise control of user access across assets and locations through roles & permissions. With Lansweeper’s new permissions system, you can delegate tasks to specific users without giving them full access to all of your data. Single Sign-On (SSO) will let you configure an authentication method to reduce the number of logins a user needs to do while enhancing the security of your organization.