Lansweeper installer not launching

If you've downloaded the latest Lansweeper installer from our download page and the executable won't open when launched, the file could be incomplete or blocked by Windows or anti-virus software.

To successfully open the installer, try the following solutions one by one and verify whether the issue has been resolved:

  • Re-download LansweeperSetup.exe from our download page and make sure the file size listed in the installer properties matches the one listed on our download page.
  • Right-click LansweeperSetup.exe, select Properties, then the General tab and choose Unblock, if available. Afterwards, hit OK. Windows itself sometimes blocks files originating from the Internet, requiring you to unblock them.
    Properties of LansweeperSetup.exe
    unblocking the Lansweeper installer
  • Temporarily disable anti-virus software installed on your machine or whitelist LansweeperSetup.exe within the anti-virus software. Anti-virus software sometimes incorrectly identifies executables as threats and blocks them.
    If it turns out your anti-virus software was blocking the Lansweeper installer, please let the Lansweeper support team know at so we can report the false positive to the vendor.

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