Images or attachments of email tickets not loading

In the help desk module, tickets can contain images and other attachments. Attachments can come from emails that were imported as tickets or can be added through the web console. Attachments are stored in a folder on your Lansweeper server, not in your database. If a ticket comes in via email, its attachments are processed by the scanning server that is configured as your help desk mail server. If a ticket is created or viewed via the web console, its attachments are processed by your web server service, which is either IIS or IIS Express. In other words, both the Lansweeper and web server service need to be able to access the folder that stores your ticket attachments.

If your Lansweeper and web server service are hosted on the same machine, both services automatically have access to your attachment folder and you don't need to do anything to ensure correct functioning of attachments. If your Lansweeper and web server service are hosted on different machines though, both services do not automatically have access and ticket attachments can by default fail to load or return errors.

With your services spread across different machines, you need to manually share the attachment folder on your web server, to ensure the scanning server can access it. The connection details of the shared folder must be submitted in Lansweeper as well. This article explains the entire process.

Step 1: open the share options of the help desk files folder

On the machine hosting your Lansweeper web console, browse to Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\helpdesk and right-click the files folder within. Select Properties, then the Sharing tab in the resulting popup and hit the Advanced Sharing... button.

You must share the Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\helpdesk\files folder on the machine hosting your web console specifically.

Step 2: share the help desk files folder

Tick the Share this folder checkbox and give the share a name. Hit the Permissions button, then Add... and select a user account to grant access to the share. This user account will be used by the scanning server to access the share. Give the account Full Control over the share and hit Apply and Ok until you've closed all popup windows.

For optimal security we recommend creating a new, dedicated user account just for accessing the help desk share.

Step 3: give the share user access to the files folder itself

Right-click the Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\helpdesk\files folder, right-click and select properties. In the Security tab, click Edit and give the same share user full control to the folder.

Step 4: submit your share details in Lansweeper

Open the Configuration\General Settings section of the Lansweeper web console. Tick the Service requires shared folder for attachments checkbox and enter the information of the share and share user account you created earlier.

General Settings menu

Step 5: move help desk files from scanning server to central share

Browse to the scanning server you are using as your help desk mail server. If there are files in the Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\helpdesk\files folder of this scanning server, move them to the same folder on your web console server. If you have multiple scanning servers, you can verify which one is configured as your help desk mail server by browsing to Configuration\E-mail Settings in the web console and reviewing the E-mail settings section.

E-mail Settings menu

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