Configuring SSL in IIS

To secure the traffic to your Lansweeper web console, it is recommended to enable SSL and use an SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority. If you installed Lansweeper on IIS Server, the web console will be installed by default under HTTP. You can customize your SSL setup however, by choosing a custom HTTPS port and setting up a custom certificate.

If your Lansweeper installation is not running under HTTPS, as of Lansweeper version 9.1, a notification will be shown.

The steps below describe how to enable SSL in IIS Server.

Step 1: Make sure your certificate is installed

Your own certificate should be installed on your server that hosts the Lansweeper web service and should be available under Server Certificates in IIS. Double-click the IIS Manager home page and under Server Certificates, make sure your own certificate is listed. The default certificate shipped with the Lansweeper installation is an example and should not be used in production environments.


Step 2: Bind the certificate

Select the Lansweeper Web Site in IIS and click Bindings on the right.

Step 3: Add site bindings

In the dialogue that opens, click Add and select https for the type. Fill the port you want to use for this binding on the right, at the bottom of the dialogue select the SSL certificate to be used and click OK to save the binding.

Your binding should be saved now. You can close the Site Bindings dialogue, and your Lansweeper web console should be available now via HTTPS.

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