Finding your domains’ DNS and NetBIOS names

When scanning assets using Lansweeper, you sometimes needs to submit your domain's DNS or NetBIOS name as part of the scanning target. If you're unsure what your domain's DNS or NetBIOS name is, do the following:

  1. On a Windows server with Active Directory Domain Services or Remote Server Administration Tools installed, open your Start menu and select Run.
  2. In the input box, type dsa.msc and hit OK.
    opening Active Directory Users and Computers
  3. You should now be looking at your Active Directory Users and Computers configuration window.
  4. Right-click your domain in the left pane and choose the Properties menu item.
    properties of a domain in Active Directory
  5. Your domain's full DNS name is the first name listed in the General tab. Domain DNS names generally contain a period.
    domain DNS name
  6. Your domain's NetBIOS name is the pre-Windows 2000 entry in the same tab. Domain NetBIOS names generally do *not* contain a period.
    domain NetBIOS name

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