Compatible web browsers for viewing the Lansweeper interface

Lansweeper has a web interface, which can be viewed in a web browser locally from the Lansweeper server or remotely from other machines in your network. The web console displays scanned and custom data, reports and settings in a comprehensible way and allows you to make changes to them.

Below is a list of officially supported browsers for interface viewing. Browsers not listed below may work as well, especially if they're Chromium-based. However, unsupported browsers have not been tested for possible layout issues and may not be able to run asset or user actions. Other Lansweeper installation requirements like architecture, operating system, database server, disk space and installed software are discussed in this dedicated requirements article.

Note that a local Lansweeper installation can also be linked with Cloud. If an installation is linked with Cloud, its data can be viewed in the Cloud interface as well. The list of supported web browsers is the same for the Cloud interface as for the local Lansweeper interface.

Officially supported web browsers

The following web browsers are officially supported for viewing the Lansweeper interface:

Minimum supported screen resolution

The minimum supported screen resolution for viewing the Cloud interface or the local Lansweeper interface is 1280 x 720 pixels. This applies to all supported web browsers.

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