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posted: 10/25/2021 5:42:08 PM(UTC)
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Hi everyone, I am trying to update my Symantec Endpoint Protection database with an .exe file, but I can't find a way to do it without pressing the "yes" button multiple times. I can do it manually, but it's not worth doing it this way because I have over 80 computers at work. Brick wall

I'd like to know if anyone knows how I can do it correctly ... I've tried so many things that don't ask for my admin account and password, but I still need to say YES when windows asks me if I'm sure I want to run the updater.

Currently I'm running this command in the Deployment Install packages:

runas /savecred /noprofile /user:admin@domain "cmd /c \"\\network NAS where we have the vaccine\vaccine.exe""

If I try doing it with an "Installer Action" it always asks me for the username and password and also need to press YES multiple times.

I'm doing it by choosing my currently log on user before pressing the "deploy" button, (which is a domain admin.).

I appreciate any help, I have spent a lot of time on it and it would be very useful to be able to update symantec with the deploy option silently. Angel

Is there any reason you are building runas in to your deployment? You can tell Lansweeper what context to run it in during the deployment.

As for the executable, you are sort of at the mercy of what the app providers themselves have given you as options for a silent and non-interactive installation. Try running the installer via command line with just a /?, /help, or /h to see if it spits back any command line switches that you can leverage.

Some of the more common ones -

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Hello RKCar,
I am running "runas" because right now it is my only way to start the update without having to enter an admin account and password.

What I am trying to do is run the .exe updater without having to enter the username and password and also without having to press "YES, I WANT TO RUN THIS .EXE FILE" and then another "YES, I'M SURE".

I already did what you said about writing the "?" before posting here and none of the options worked because the "S" parameter just doesn't omit the need of press "YES", and I also tried to do it with a package implementation as well, but the same thing happens...

I don't know if Lan Sweeper has a parameter in the package installer that will allow me to run the .exe on all assets without having to remotely connect to them to hit "YES" twice.

To be honest, I don't know how to post here my package installer configuration (I've seen people posting it and looks like in Lan Sweeper) but in my last try I did something like this:

"{PackageShare}\Installers\Symantec\updatename.exe" /sp /currentuser

Didn't worked at all... opens and infinite black screen.

Even with your explanation, I am not sure why you are doing runas. If you are scanning the machines I have to imagine your scanning account must have administrative privileges. If not you went to quite the extent to allow WMI queries without admin rights. In the deployment, if you define in the run mode to run as the scanning account, it will run as that account (that already has admin rights) and negate the need for you to define a runas. You are actually doing something really unsecure by defining an admin account in plaintext in a script.

As for Lansweeper having some sort of parameter to handle how the executable responds, the answer is no. At a high level Lansweeper is really just running the commands from the remote machine with the parameters defined. There is no way for it to interject itself in and make an executable perform differently than how it was defined by the vendor.

Doesn't SEP have an administrative console that allows for deployment of updates? I did a quick Google search and it says via SEPM you are able to deploy silent and unattended.

Another Google search turned this up as a potential format to follow for installation -

setup.exe /s /v"/l*v log.txt /qn RUNLIVEUPDATE=1 SYMREBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS"

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