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MSP Lansweeper partner
Lansweeper for MSPs

Exceed customer expectations with data-driven managed services

  • Gain instant visibility across sites
    Scan customers’ IT environments to unlock valuable data about all hardware, software, users and configurations.
  • Create a single source of truth
    Build complete, always-accurate IT asset inventories to support any IT scenario or business use case.
  • Maximize your MSP value
    Work more efficiently and cost-effectively to remain competitive in the crowded MSP market.

As a Managed Service Provider, our clients look to us to maintain best practices for minimizing risk in their IT environments — but if you don’t understand your environment, how can you manage it and improve it?

Phil Blankenstein Cerner.jpg
Phil Blankenstein
IT Manager, Cerner Corporation

I knew Lansweeper would provide us with the data about installed systems and software, so we would be able to manage IT costs and ensure our clients are getting maximum value from their infrastructure.

Phil Blankenstein Cerner.jpg
Phil Blankenstein
IT Manager, Cerner Corporation

Their Infrastructure is in your hands

When it comes to optimizing IT, your customers rely on your knowledge, expertise and experience. They look to you to automate, secure and scale the IT infrastructure and operations, so their internal teams can focus on the business. To that end, you must have complete visibility across your customers’ IT infrastructure, and access to the data you need to help them improve processes, reduce risk and operate more efficiently. Data insights and detailed reporting are of critical importance for informing your work as an MSP.

Lansweeper Channel Partners

Complexity and competition create roadblocks to success

IT environments are much more complex than they used to be, and the distributed nature of the modern IT infrastructure makes it more vulnerable to security issues – and cybercrime is skyrocketing. Your customers are looking to you to manage risk and IT spend, as you combat competition from other MPSs who may offer similar service bundles for less. How do you set yourself apart and deliver on customer expectations, while managing costs so that you can still turn a profit?

Lansweeper Integrations Overview TPBG

Arm yourself with full visibility across your customer's IT environment

Lansweeper enables you to create a complete and always-accurate IT asset inventory for all of your customers, so you can manage their IT environments more efficiently and effectively. This level of visibility enables comprehensive IT management while simplifying audits and compliance activities. Lansweeper integrates seamlessly with popular ITSM and CMDB tools, populating them with the most current and accurate IT asset data – automatically.

Lansweeper’s unique value proposition to us are the integrations with most of the different reporting and migration tools we’re using. We can leverage one complete and consistent set of accurate data from Lansweeper for a wide variety of customer scenarios. That saves us tons of time and money and helps deliver a higher quality assessment for our customers.

Rich Cannon
Senior Director of Channel Development at Pyramid

Align your work with your clients' priorities

Leverage a single source of complete and accurate IT infrastructure data to inform any IT scenario – from ITAM and SAM to cybersecurity, service desk, cloud migrations, patches and upgrades, IT governance, compliance and more. Set up daily or ad-hoc reports to run automatically for all the environments you manage, to stay up to speed on what’s happening across client sites at all times. By eliminating the need to pull data from various sources, Lansweeper saves you time and resources, enabling you to allocate staff more effectively.


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