Video | How to Scan Network Devices


Lansweeper is capable of scanning all types of network devices like firewalls, printers, switches, music systems, NAS devices, and IP phones. The exact data returned depends on the protocols enabled on the device, as well as the device type.

For example, scanned Switch data includes an overview of all interfaces and the assets connected to them. Another example of device-specific information is the toner level of your printers.

SNMP generally provides Lansweeper with the most detailed device information. Many network devices have SNMP enabled and use public as their default SNMP community string for read-only access. However, this could be different for your network.

Once everything is set up correctly, Lansweeper is ready to scan your Network Devices and detailed information is just a click away. For a detailed step-by-step guide, be sure to check out our online knowledgebase article on how to scan a network device.

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