Lansweeper 5.2: Software Deployment has arrived

Long awaited, much requested

With version 5.2 we add software deployment to the extensive list of Lansweeper's features.
Silently install and uninstall software, run command-lines on your machines, kill processes and run custom scripts manually or on a schedule.



Scan exclusions

Dynamic asset groups

And much more

You can now prohibit specific asset types and devices in a user-defined domain from being scanned.
Stop all monitors from being scanned or exclude your network devices from the inventory.
Instead of manually updating asset groups you are now able to set specific criteria for assets to be added to a group.
Make sure all servers are always in a group that is scanned regularly or group all devices in need of an update.
Among the other changes are antivirus definition scanning, global dashboard tabs, the ability to clear the scanning queue for a scanning server ...


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