Lansweeper now available for download

Lansweeper is now available for download. Update instructions can be found on page 176 and beyond of our online documentation.

This update mostly addresses minor bugs:

  • Added: Comments to DRAC connections.
  • Changed: Scanning Status widget now refreshes automatically.
  • Changed: Better performance when locating duplicate assets in large SQL Server databases.
  • Fixed: Duplicate VMware guest entries.
  • Fixed: SNMP: 10Gb interfaces are displayed as 4Gb.
  • Fixed: Not all VMware physical network interfaces are displayed.
  • Fixed: Parsing error in user OU widget.
  • Fixed: Incorrect serial number for some Acer monitor models.

A complete list of changes can also be found in this changelog. Have a question about this update? The Lansweeper support team can be reached at [email protected]

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