Dell Warranty Scanning Update

Dell warranty scanning will stop working on older Lansweeper versions on August 31. Update version 8.4.20 or higher to keep scanning your Dell warranty statuses.

Warranty scanning is one of the great features Lansweeper provides so you can manage your IT environment better. However, facilitating this feature does require a lot of maintenance since hardware manufacturers can change the way their warranty data can be accessed at any time.

Last year, we updated the Dell warranty scanning to a new method using their new warranty API. Unfortunately, this API key needs to be refreshed every year. This means that on August 31, Dell warranty scanning will only work on Lansweeper version 8.4.20 or higher.

Therefore, we recommend updating your installations before August 31 if you use Dell warranty scanning. You can find the latest Lansweeper version that will continue to scan Dell warranty past August 31 on our download page.

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