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Discover, analyze and control the users in your IT environment through User Management. Manage your users and the assets they are related to by linking users to their respective assets and combining the information to create powerful reports, which provide a full overview of the user's permissions, software, settings and more.


In most companies today, there are more users in an IT network than anybody cares to count. Still, the system administrator needs to keep track of all these users and their respective access to and permissions for various IT resources like devices, applications, systems, networks, and services. This task is especially crucial because it also plays an important role in network security.


The first step in efficiently managing your users is to get a complete overview of all your users and assets in your IT environment. Scan your network with Lansweeper's scanning methods to get a complete overview of local users, AD users, and assets in your network.

Lansweeper automatically unifies data retrieved from Office 365 with your existing Active directory information. As a result, whenever you view a user within Lansweeper, you cannot only the Active Directory Information, but also any related Office 365 information. With Lansweeper's powerful reporting capabilities, you can identify users who are missing licenses or plans in minutes and much more.

Analyze your data for effective user management

Once you have collected your data, you can analyze it using the built-in reports, or create your own custom reports. By linking users to the assets they use you can easily track who is using which asset. Additionally, you can view the user's permissions, AD information and all the other information scanned from the assets. As a result of all this information, you can identify which users might still have local administrative permissions, which users have unauthorized software installed and more.

Take action based on data

Revoke permissions, remove software or perform other changes by utilizing Lansweeper's actions and deployment packages. Lansweeper provides some built-in user actions, however, you can create your own custom user actions to perform any action you require on users.
Additionally, the deployment module extends the possibilities for managing your users and their assets.

You can install, update and remove software, perform command line changes and even deploy complete custom scripts on the assets in your environment. Schedule your deployments to run whenever you want and only on assets that match specific criteria by using reports as the asset selection.

By combining the data retrieved with the unlimited possibilities of custom actions and deployments, Lansweeper provides the most reliable platform to inventory and manage your users.

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