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Use Case – Auditing Active Directory

Active Directory Auditing

Automatically Scan AD Computer & AD User Information


  • Perform an Active Directory Audit in No Time
  • Automatically Scan Active Directory Assets


Scan & Audit Active Directory Information

IT administrators are often too overwhelmed by other admin tasks to make Active Directory audits & cleanups a priority. Therefore, it’s critical to have an easy overview of all AD computers and users, even disabled ones. Lansweeper allows you to scan a wealth of information from active directory by using Active Directory Scanning. You can scan both Windows computers and users from Active Directory. Active Directory scanning also adds information like status, OU, company, description, location, BitLocker recovery key, manager and much more.

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Scan AD Computers as They Come Online

Active directory domain scans (or rescans) target your domain computers as they come online. This ensures the Active Directory audit information is up-to-date at all times. You can even have multiple scanning servers working together to scan one or more domains. Scan multiple remote locations by setting up a scanning server on each site.


Manage AD Users & Computers

Lansweeper also scans Active Directory users, groups and their properties. By specifying which active directory domain or OU you would like to scan for users and groups, Lansweeper will retrieve active directory users information like status, name, phone number, email address, physical address, password attributes, description and much more. Additionally, you can scan active directory group information like group name, type, and description.


Windows Active Directory Audit Reports

Lansweeper will help you manage and audit your Active Directory by providing reports on a variety of AD user and computer details. Use a number of built-in reports to track down incomplete AD records or build your own reports from scratch. Powered by SQL, the Lansweeper report builder provides the necessary tools for flexible and customizable reporting.

Perform your Active Directory Audit in No Time

Automatically Discover Active Directory Information