Mobile Device Scanning


With a growing number of mobiles devices, mobile device management platforms to control and secure these devices become mandatory. An MDM solution like Microsoft Intune can help companies manage mobile devices in your corporate environment.

For effective IT Asset Management, you need complete asset visibility and control. This requires a comprehensive, accurate and detailed inventory of your IT assets wherever they are located: on-premises, cloud instances or mobile endpoints.


Microsoft Intune is a mobile device management solution for corporate organizations and a top choice for internal teams when it comes to managing mobile devices.

Lansweeper hooks directly into Microsoft Intune's API to give you immediate visibility into your mobile environment in no time. Regardless of the operating system: both Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices are supported.

On these devices, you can find both hardware and user information. You can also find typical mobile device information including the number of enrolled devices, serial numbers, installed applications, vendor information, and much more.

Better Together

Hooking op Microsoft Intune to Lansweeper offers your IT department a comprehensive inventory of mobile devices that are accessing corporate services and networks.

Lansweeper finds & scans your mobile devices, and puts the Intune data on top into one aggregated mobile asset data record. By Linking Lansweeper with Microsoft Intune, we integrate the strengths of an accurate ITAM System of Record with a sophisticated MDM platform. The combined power of both technologies delivers more value than before.

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