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As more and more IT infrastructure is moving to cloud services such as AWS and Azure, a hybrid network environment of virtual and physical machines is very common in IT. Keeping track of all of your IT assets on all these different platforms can be a real hassle. On top of the list is a lack of visibility, since you can't manage what you don't know is there.

For effective IT Asset Management, you need complete asset visibility and control. This requires a comprehensive, accurate and detailed inventory of your IT assets wherever they are located: on-premises, cloud instances or mobile endpoints. Cloud-based assets pose new challenges for ITAM professionals and change the way we will need to manage assets, and further emphasizes the importance of ITAM to an organization.


Cloud Asset Discovery

Lansweeper combines core agentless network discovery and inventory technologies to give you complete visibility into the devices connected to your network and the instances running in your cloud environments.

Lansweeper hooks directly into cloud infrastructure providers' APIs to give you immediate visibility into your cloud environment in no time. Lansweeper leverages native cloud services like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to collect data from your cloud environments. Stop worrying about what's connected to your network and what instances are running in your cloud environments.

With Lansweeper, you'll be able to quickly discover what instances are running in your cloud environments. Lansweeper's advanced Deepscan Technology will find and provide visibility into the assets in your AWS and Azure Cloud environments.


Integrate Office 365

Not just infrastructure is increasingly moving to the cloud but so are users and software. For applications running in the cloud, you need to understand who is actually using these cloud services and needs an active subscription. Lansweeper has built-in capabilities to track Office 365 down to the user level. Lansweeper combines in-depth asset information with Active Directory data and Office 365 info into one centralized asset record.

Lansweeper includes all the technology needed to discover and manage cloud assets accurately and efficiently. Rather than managing cloud assets in a separate solution, they should be part of one centralized ITAM System of Record.

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