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Create a clear overview of all the assets and users in your active directory (AD), which is critical to managing your IT environment and your business.


As companies grow, their active directory domain often grows exponentially as new employees are hired and new sites are opened. Employees often require multiple devices to perform their tasks and additional devices must be deployed to provide the employees with an optimal work environment. With a large number of devices and users, it can be quite a challenge to keep an overview of all your assets and users in your AD and how they are linked to each other.


Scan Multiple Domains and Organizational Units

Scan your domains with active directory domain scanning, which supports a limitless number of domains from which it retrieves both computer and user information. OU filtering and domain controller site filtering is also available if you wish to limit scanning to certain network areas. After scanning, you will have an overview of AD information available for all kinds of management.

Scan Computers as They Come Online

Active directory domain scans (or rescans) target your domain computers as they come online. This ensures the information is up-to-date at all times. Using the Lansweeper Ultimate license you can even have multiple scanning servers working together to scan one or more domains. Scan multiple remote locations by setting up a scanning server on each site. Adding more locations over time is as easy as editing the scanning methods or installing an additional scanning server.

Manage Users and Computers

Create relations between your assets and define where assets are backed up, what assets are needed for, or which assets are connected to other assets.

Scan active directory users and detailed user information like name, address, office, email and logon information. Manage your active directory by linking assets to other assets or users. Perform actions on users or computers to do administrative tasks like reset passwords, reboot assets or manage services.

Create Active Directory Reports

Lansweeper will help you manage your active directory by providing reports on a variety of AD user and computer details. Use a number of built-in reports to track down incomplete AD records or build your own reports from scratch. Powered by SQL, the Lansweeper report builder provides the necessary tools for flexible and customizable reporting.

Automatically Purge Obsolete Records

Decommissioned some hardware? Cleanup options are available to automatically delete records from your database or set computers to non-active if they have been disabled or removed in your active directory.

Lansweeper can automatically reflect changes made in your active directory by changing asset states and deleting asset states or users. This ensures that the information in Lansweeper is always up-to-date and an accurate representation of your active directory.

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