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Scan SNMP Devices in Your Network Rapidly & Accurately.
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Fully Automated, Agentless SNMP Scanner

Lansweeper is an Advanced SNMP Scanner software that scans all available SNMP-enabled devices to retrieve detailed information through the Simple Network Management Protocol tool. It offers a variety of scanning targets within a fully configurable and user-friendly interface, making it an indispensable SNMP monitoring tool for network administrators.

Scan SNMP Devices via IP Range

The Simple Network Management Protocol Discovery tool will scan your network for devices and collect detailed information about every router, switch, network printer and other managed appliances in a single sweep. Our SNMP Scanner software can create a detailed summary of your LAN in a fully automated mode. Scan Windows, Linux, and Mac devices via IP range targets.

SNMP Switch Port Mapping

Discover the devices that are connected to all the ports of a switch via SNMP scanning. For every connected port, the switch port mapper lists the MAC address, IP address and host names of the computers associated with that port. Your network interfaces overview is made up of clickable links. This allows you to quickly navigate from the switch's asset page to those of the connected devices and vice versa.

Report On SNMP Printer Toner Levels

Our SNMP monitoring tool scans are extremely handy when it comes to retrieving ink or toner data from network printers. Manually checking each and every office printer for toner status can be a time-consuming task. The SNMP software tool will automatically query connected printers for ink/toner level, allowing administrators to see when one or more printer supplies must be replenished.

Scan Additional SNMP Data Through Custom OIDs

Off the shelf, our SNMP monitoring tool already scans a lot of information with a broad one-size fits all discovery of your network, but some device types have very specific information that you'll want to pull in. That is exactly what custom OID scanning enables you to do. Tell Lansweeper what you want to know and we'll go get it on every SNMP-enabled device with our SNMP software. This increased flexibility allows you to scan the exact data that you need.

Powerful SNMP Scanning Tool

Collect Detailed Information on SNMP-Enabled Devices

  • Scan IP Ranges Automatically or On Demand
  • Finds SNMP Switches on the Network
  • Discover New Devices & Maintain an up-to-date Inventory
  • Agentless - No Need to Install Agents
  • Collect Detailed Info On Every Network Switch, Router, Printer, ...
  • Display Properties for SNMP-Enabled Devices
  • Fully-Automated Inventory of your Network
  • Comprehensive Network Reports (+450)

Stop Manually Tracing Network Cables

Scan Your Entire Network in Seconds

Wait... There's More.

Over 450 Built-in Network Reports Available

Choose from over 450 ready-made, out-of-the-box reports or build custom reports within minutes.

  • General Reports
  • Computer: Encryptable Volumes
  • Asset: Out of Warranty
  • Asset: Out of Warranty in 60 Days
  • Assets: Uptime Since Last Reboot
  • Assets: Asset to Asset Relations
  • Assets: Asset to User Relations
  • Disk: Servers Less than 1 GB Free
  • Computer: Not Seen in the Last 30 Days
  • Windows Reports
  • Windows Updates Information
  • Windows: Events Generated in Last 7 Days
  • Installed Windows Updates
  • Domain Computers and Their AD Groups
  • Windows: Installed Network Printers
  • Windows: USB Connected Devices
  • Windows Automatic Update Settings
  • Workstations Less than 5GB Free Disk Space
  • Software Reports
  • Installed Software by Computer
  • Windows: Installed Software by Computer
  • Apple Mac: Installed Software by Computer
  • Linux: Installed Software by Computer
  • OS: Operating System Overview
  • OS: End of Lifetime
  • Software: Changes in the Last 7 Days
  • Software: Unauthorized Software
  • Hardware Reports
  • Workstations Less than 10% Free Disk Space
  • Servers Less than 10% Free Disk Space
  • Device: Printer Almost Out of Toner
  • Memory: Less than 2GB RAM
  • Memory: Available Slots
  • Switch: Ports
  • VMware: Virtual Guest Machines
  • VMware: Virtual Guest Machines
  • Hardware Reports
  • New Devices Found in the Last 24 Hours
  • New Computers Found in the Last 24 Hours
  • Computer: Unauthorized Administrators
  • Asset: Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T. Status not OK
  • All Workstations without Anti-virus Software
  • Workstation: Antivirus Disabled
  • Workstation: Antivirus Expired
  • All Servers without Anti-virus Software
  • User Reports
  • Active Directory: User has No E-mail Address
  • Active Directory: User has No Display Name
  • Active Directory: User has No Title Filled in
  • Users: AD Users and Their Managers
  • Users: AD Users and Their AD Groups
  • Users: AD Users Created in Last 7 Days
  • Users: AD User Attributes
  • Last Logon Detected During Scanning

Scan All SNMP-Enabled Devices in No Time

Discover Assets You Don't Even Know About

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Most frequent questions and answers

Simple Network Management Protocol, or SNMP in short, is a protocol used to manage different devices on an IP network. This protocol is mostly used to collect information about managed devices on IP networks and to use that information to change the behavior of these devices. SNMP is widely used in network management.

OIDs uniquely identify managed objects in a MIB hierarchy. This can be depicted as a tree, the levels of which are assigned by different organizations.

A management information base (MIB) is a database used for managing the entities in a communication network. Most often associated with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), the term is also used more generically in contexts such as in OSI/ISO Network management model. While intended to refer to the complete collection of management information available on an entity, it is often used to refer to a particular subset, more correctly referred to as MIB-module.

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