Unlock the Power of Partnership: Elevate Your Business and Delight Your Customers

"As a managed service provider or a value-added reseller, you require a depth and breadth of information on technology assets that increases your credibility, maximizes your effectiveness, and differentiates your service offering."

You might recognize this line from our presentation at CRN Xchange this summer. We're excited to offer the opportunity to connect with us again at a webinar designed for future partners. Learn more about how you can leverage the power of data to accelerate growth and how you can build your business with Lansweeper.

As a Lansweeper partner, you gain access to the leading IT asset discovery and inventory platform, empowering you to provide top-tier IT solutions to your clients. Here’s how partnering with Lansweeper can benefit you and your customers:

✨ Unmatched Visibility and Control: Elevate your ability to deliver exceptional IT solutions, ensuring your customers have complete oversight of their IT environment.

✨ Enhanced Security and Compliance: Bolster your customers’ security posture and guarantee regulatory compliance, building trust and confidence.

✨ Superior Service Delivery: Elevate customer satisfaction by improving performance and service quality, creating lasting partnerships.

✨ Cross-sell Opportunities: Expand your services into new horizons by leveraging a consistent and accurate data set of your customers’ technology estate, unlocking new revenue streams.

This webinar is your gateway to unlocking the incredible potential that awaits you. Discover how Lansweeper can help you elevate your business and provide exceptional IT asset management solutions to your clients.

To secure your spot at our partnership-focused webinar, please complete the registration form. We look forward to your presence as we journey towards mutual success!

Your host, Christina Klein has worked in the technology industry for over 20 years. With expertise in channel development, sales and brand marketing, Ms. Klein is currently the VP of Global Channel Partners for Lansweeper, the IT asset intelligence software leader.

Christina Klein

VP of Global Channel Partners
at Lansweeper