Lansweeper & Vivantio

Driving Business Transformation: The Strategic Impact of Vivantio and
Lansweeper Integration

Dive into this compelling webinar as we reveal how the strategic integration of Vivantio’s Service Management and Lansweeper’s IT Asset Management can fundamentally reshape your business landscape and drive positive impacts on your operations.

Explore how the synergy of Lansweeper’s comprehensive asset discovery and Vivantio’s leading service management platform can bring about substantial improvements in service efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business continuity. See how this seamless integration supports automated Vivantio asset database/CMDB population with Lansweeper-discovered assets, paving the way for the streamlined incident, problem, and change management processes.

Throughout this session, we will unravel the significant business impacts of key integration features, such as:

  • Streamlined Operations: Facilitate a more seamless and effective service management by easily populating Vivantio assets with Lansweeper’s discovery.

  • Enhanced Data Quality: Improve your CMDB data’s quality and accuracy, leading to better decision-making and operational efficiencies.

  • Comprehensive Service Health View: Link assets with Customers and Clients in Vivantio CRM, enabling a 360-degree perspective of service health and comprehensive understanding of business impact.

  • Improved Asset Lifecycle Management: Leverage powerful query-based filtering to have complete control over the synchronization and visibility of asset lifecycle management.

  • Advanced Reporting and Compliance: Use Vivantio's codeless expression builder to create tailored asset views, providing real-time, accurate data for improved MTTR, more efficient reporting, and seamless compliance.

By harnessing the power of Lansweeper and Vivantio integration, you can optimize your B2B customer service team or MSP operations, improve customer experience, and achieve your strategic business goals.

Join us as we unpack the future of service management, and discover how your business can gain from this robust integration.

Van Den Steen

Technology Alliance Partner Manager at Lansweeper

Melissa Faletra

Sales Engineer at Vivantio

Mark Walker

Software Sales Engineer
at Vivantio

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