Why ITAM is Crucial for Educational Organizations

Why ITAM is Crucial for Education: A Q&A with IT professionals in the field.

Educational institutions of all types and sizes must track and maintain an increasingly diverse collection of IT assets. Distance learning has added complexity, as students often sign on from remote locations with their own devices. Manual tracking systems are outdated as soon as they're completed, and without visibility across the IT infrastructure, institutions are vulnerable to high costs, downtime, and risk.

Learn how Lansweeper has helped leading educational institutions to boost productivity, increase security and reduce costs by consolidating all asset details into a single IT Asset Inventory.

Join IT professionals from Penn State University, the University of Illinois Medical Center, and Moore Public Schools for an in-depth discussion and Q&A about:

Matt Dunmire

Assistant Director
Penn State University

Adam Betzold

Enterprise Solutions Architect
University of Illinois

Robert Coggins

IT Manager
Moore Public Schools

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